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Monozyme LPX50

Composition: Lipase\

Properties: Tolerance for long fermentation periods. Gives volume to breads and makes the crumbs finer

Applications: Bakery

Multazyme Perf
Composition: Alpha-amylase & Hemicellulase (Xylanase).

Properties: Improves the machinability of dough. Increases bread volume. Optimizes cutting.

Applications: Bakeries.
Avante 1 & Avante 2

Avante 1 & Avante 2 can be used to reduce sugar but also used for binding bars and clusters among other applications.

Benefits: Sugar Reduction. Can be used for product binding. Improve nutritional label.

Applications: Cereal bars, flapjacks, bars, granolas

Delyte 9

Delyte 9 can help you achieved fat reduction without altering the texture and flavour of the final product.

Benefits: Fat reduction, Improve nutritional traffic light from red to amber.

Applications: Chocolate fillings, Hot sauces, etc.

Lentil Flour

Lentil Flour is rich in proteins, fibers and iron as well as other ingredients. Suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease as well as vegan and vegetarians.

Applications: Bakery, Pasta, Frozen dough, Cereal and Snacks, Biscuits, etc.

Benefits: Lentil Flour contains more than 23-25 grams of protein per 100 gram as well as fibers.

Barley Flour

Barley Flour. It's a non-wheat flour produced from grinding whole barley.

Applications: Bakery, Rusks, Drinks, Beer, etc.

Benefits: Rich in molybdenum, manganese, dietary fiber, and selenium.

Glustar 315

Glustar 315 wheat denaturized protein (heat-treated / insoluble) with no visco-elastic properties.

Applications: Baked goods, Vegetarian meat replacer, Prepared meat products, Sports nutrition, Bars.

Benefits: No visco-elastic properties, Adjustment of protein content, Structure control, Good dispersion, Binding agent.

High Protein Fava Bean Flour

Proteinel FEV (High Protein Fava Bean Flour) is a product rich in protein extracted from fava beans.

Applications: Bakery, Pasta, Noodles, etc.

Benefits: Adjustment of the protein content and emulsification.

We can offer the following Buckwheat products:

- Buckwheat husked
- Buckwheat flakes
Organic Vital Wheat Gluten
Organic Vital Wheat Gluten is the main protein of wheat with strong visco-elastic properties.

Applications: Bakery, Frozen baked goods, Cereals, Snacks, Pasta, Noodles, Vegetarian, Breakfast cereals, etc.

Benefits: Improved baking mixing, Fermentation tolerance, Shelf-life extension, Good water absorption capabilities, Texture and volume improvement.