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Monozyme H10

Composition: Xylananase

Properties: Ensures better absorption of water in the dough and improves dough extensibility as well as tolerance (stabilization of the gluten network). Increases bread volume.

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme LPX50

Composition: Lipase\

Properties: Tolerance for long fermentation periods. Gives volume to breads and makes the crumbs finer

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme GO 1500 and GO 10000S

Composition: Glucose-oxidase

Properties: Capable of replacing ascorbic acid to high percentage, Increase the strength and tolerance of dough in different bread making methods. Reinforces the gluten network and improves firmness and stability of the dough.

Applications: Bakeries.

Monozyme MR

Composition: Amylase.

Properties: Helps on reducing Hagberg's falling number (malt replacer)

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme AMG SP2E

Composition: Amyloglucosidase.

Properties: Exclusive production of glucose that increases the color of the crust (Maillard reaction)

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme AP

Composition: Amylase

Properties: Improves smoothing speed and enhances dough extensibility. Boosts rising speed and increases bread volume. Extends shelf life. Makes easier products regularity

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme Maxisoft

Composition: Amylase

Properties: Increases the softness of crumb and smoothness in mouth, also improves the appearance of the final products and reduces the speed of going stale

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme H40

Composition: Bacterial Xylanase

Properties: Increases the volume of bread, improves the extensibility of the dough

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme HP

Composition: Xylanase

Properties: Increases volume of the bread and provides good elasticity on the dough

Applications: Bakery

Monozyme BISC
Composition: Protease.

Properties: Promotes extensibility of the dough and suppleness.

Applications: Viennoiseries, Biscuit making.