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Sanostar bf (Native)

Sanostar bf is a native, hot swelling starch with constantly good viscosity and is produced on a natural way, without additives and enzymes.

Applications: Sanostar bf is suitable for the production of cereal based foods (Commission Directive 2006/125/EC) and according to Regulation (EC) 41/2009* it is a gluten-free wheat starch, suitable for people intolerant to gluten. 

Benefits: Stabilization of food preparations, Viscosity/texture control, thickening agent.

Rice crumbs gluten-free
Rice crumbs gluten-free is a product made of rice. It contains no additives.

Applications: Meat and fish products, Vegetarian products.

Benefits: Coating of meat and vegetable products, Texture/waterbinding in meat balls/burger.
Tailor Made
Tailor made: Our company in collaboration with KRÖNER-STÄRKE can create gluten-free starches depending on customer needs.