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Sanostar is a gluten-free starch and is suitable for people intolerant to gluten. The native wheat starch shows a high viscosity and excellent baking properties. SANOSTAR contains selected raw materials and untreated spring water. SANOSTAR is produced on a natural way, without additives and enzymes.

Applications:Gluten-free foods.

Benefits: Verified superior baking properties, Stable crumb structure, Stabilization of food preparations, Excellent taste.

Multa Lon

Composition: Partially hydrolyzed wheat protein, capable of replacing cysteine with no E-numbers.

Properties: Improves extensibility, limits shrinking. Improves regularity and chew-ability of the products.

Applications: Breads, Viennoiseries, Laminated dough.

Technic Pitta Moelleux

Application: Pitta, Focacia.

Description: Improves fermentation process, Improves softness and extensibility as well as the freshness on the final product.


Optibake is a ready mix that can replace 100% the use of Guar Gum. The product is E-number free.

Applicatons: Bakery Mixes, Fillings, etc.

Benefits: 100% Guar Gum replacement, Very good taste, Increase of waterbinding on the dough, Increase on the volume.

Vital Wheat Gluten
Vital Wheat Gluten is the main protein of wheat with strong visco-elastic properties.

Applications: Bakery, Frozen baked goods, Cereals, Snacks, Pasta, Noodles, Vegetarian, etc.

Benefits: Improved baking mixing, Fermentation tolerance, Shelf-life extension, Good water absorption capabilities, Texture and volume improvement.

Sanogel is a gluten free pregelatinized starch with cold water swelling capabilities suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

Applications: Gluten-free food, Baking mixes, Baked goods, Fillings, Dairy products etc.

Benefits: Excellent taste, Viscosity/texture control, Thickening agent, Increase of water absorption and dough hydration, etc.

Multa Gluten

Composition: Vital wheat gluten & hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Properties: Strengthens and improves consistency without excess elasticity. Improves volume, appearance and the sensation of freshness.

Applications: Specially designed for croissant as well as other applications.