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Multa Lon
Composition: Partially hydrolyzed wheat protein

Properties: Improves extensibility, limits shrinking. Improves regularity and chew-ability of the products.

Applications: Breads, Viennoiseries, Laminated dough.

SANOSTAR is a gluten-free starch and is suitable for people intolerant to gluten. The native wheat starch shows a high viscosity and excellent baking properties. SANOSTAR contains selected raw materials and untreated spring water. SANOSTAR is produced on a natural way, without additives and enzymes.

Applications:Gluten-free foods.

Benefits: Verified superior baking properties, Stable crumb structure, Stabilization of food preparations, Excellent taste.

Technic Pitta Moelleux

Application: Pitta, Focacia.

Description: Improves fermentation process, Improves softness and extensibility as well as the freshness on the final product.

Multa Gluten

Composition: Vital wheat gluten & hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Properties: Strengthens and improves consistency without excess elasticity. Improves volume, appearance and the sensation of freshness.

Applications: Specially designed for croissant as well as other applications.


Optibake is a ready mix that can replace 100% the use of Guar Gum. The product is E-number free.

Applicatons: Bakery Mixes, Fillings, etc.

Benefits: 100% Guar Gum replacement, Very good taste, Increase of waterbinding on the dough, Increase on the volume.

Sanogel is a gluten free pregelatinized starch with cold water swelling capabilities suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

Applications: Gluten-free food, Baking mixes, Baked goods, Fillings, Dairy products etc.

Benefits: Excellent taste, Viscosity/texture control, Thickening agent, Increase of water absorption and dough hydration, etc.