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Organic Vital Wheat Gluten
Organic Vital Wheat Gluten is the main protein of wheat with strong visco-elastic properties.

Applications: Bakery, Frozen baked goods, Cereals, Snacks, Pasta, Noodles, Vegetarian, Breakfast cereals, etc.

Benefits: Improved baking mixing, Fermentation tolerance, Shelf-life extension, Good water absorption capabilities, Texture and volume improvement.
Organic Flakes & Grains

All the conventional products, flakes and grains are available in organic as well.

For more information feel free to contact us.

Organic Sanogel (Gluten Free)
Organic Sanogel is a gluten free pregelatinized starch with cold water swelling capabilities suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

Applications: Gluten-free food, Baking mixes, Baked goods, Fillings, Dairy products etc.

Benefits: Excellent taste, Viscosity/texture control, Thickening agent, Increase of water absorption and dough hydration, etc.
Organic Foodstar (Native Wheat Starch)
Organic Foodstar with hot swelling capabilities with good viscosity, and superior baking properties.

Applications: Fine bakery wares, Sauces/dressings, Delicatessen products, Sausage factories etc.

Benefits: Viscosity/texture control, Thickening agent, Stabilization of food preparations, Improvement of crumb structure in fine bakery wares, etc.
Organic Foodgel
Organic Foodgel with cold water swelling capabilities is a pregelatinized starch.

Applications: Soups and sauces, Mayonnaises and dressings, Baked goods, etc.

Benefits: Smooth mouth feeling, Viscosity/texture control, thickening agent, Increase of water absorption and dough hydration, etc.
Organic Oat Flour
Applications: Oatcakes, Oatmeal cookies, and Oat bread
Benefits: Oats contain the highest levels of protein and fat, as well as the largest share of vitamins and minerals, of all grain varieties. They are particularly rich in essential amino acids.