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Multazyme Perf
Composition: Alpha-amylase & Hemicellulase (Xylanase).

Properties: Improves the machinability of dough. Increases bread volume. Optimizes cutting.

Applications: Bakeries.
Multazyme Optimale
Composition: Alpha-amylase, Hemicellulase (Xylanase) ( & Lipases.

Properties: Improves the stability of dough that requires long fermentation periods and improves volume.

Applications: Bakeries.
Multazyme GR3 & GR4

Composition: Transglutaminase and Glucose-oxidase.

Properties: Makes it possible to limit the addition of gluten by making dough stronger and more tolerant.

Applications: Bakeries, Viennoiseries.

Multazyme Optistyle

Composition: Xylanase, Amylase, Lipase

Properties: Improves dough properties and fermentation as well as the color of the crust and bread cutting

Applications: Bakery

Multazyme Alpha
Composition: Amylase.

Properties: Improves plastic quality of the dough and increases the activity of fermentation, improves volume and the aspect of the breads (knifing, colour of crust).

Applications: Flours, breads and bread making products.
Multazyme Souplesse
Composition: Alpha-amylase, Hemicellulase(Xylanase) & Protease.

Properties: Promotes the extensibility of dough through the softening of the gluten network. Increases bread volume and the scoring (especially for hard flours).

Applications: Bakeries.
Multazyme Stickyless
Composition: Glucose-oxydase and & Transglutaminase.

Properties: Reduces the stickiness of the dough at kneading, shaping and baking. Improves the consistency of the dough.

Applications: Bread, Special bread, loaves.