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Avante 1 & Avante 2

Avante 1 & Avante 2 can be used to reduce sugar but also used for binding bars and clusters among other applications.

Benefits: Sugar Reduction. Can be used for product binding. Improve nutritional label.

Applications: Cereal bars, flapjacks, bars, granolas

Avante 10s

Avante 10s can be used to reduce sugar on different kind of applications.

Benefits: Reduce all type of sugars, Improve nutritional label,

Applications: Fillings, Sugar paste, Frostings, Cheesecakes, Cookies, Sweet & Sour sauces.

Avante B

Avante B can be used to reduce sugar.

Benefits: Reduce the use of sugar, Improve nutritional label,

Applications: Shortbread, Biscuits