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Comstar (Native)
Comstar is a native wheat starch with hot swelling capabilities and reliable high viscosity.

Applications: Paper for corrugated board and waste paper recycling, Packaging chips and form extrudates, Adhesives and glues, Briquetting/pelletizing/agglomerating, Fermentation & biotechnology.

Benefits: Improvement of corrugated cardboard strength, Binding agent for waste paper recycling and form-extruding, Binding agent and bulk material in adhesives and glues, Nutrient supply for cultures.
Medstar (Native)
Medstar with hot swelling capabilities is a native starch. Complies with the European pharmaceuticals legislation. Extracted from the caryopsis of Triticum selected wheat flour qualities.

Applications: Tablets, Coated tablets and lozenges

Benefits: Low germ count, Excipient/carrier substance, Bulking agent.