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Veαlstar (Native)
Vealstar is a native wheat starch with hot swelling capabilities and reliable viscosity.

Applications: Milk replacement feedstuff, Pet food, Feed Pellets.

Benefits: Binding agent for feed pellets rich in fat or dietary fiber, Increase of abrasion resistance of feed pellets, Stabilization of the intestinal tract of nursing calves, etc.

Wetgel with excellent cold-water swelling properties is capable of binding large amount of liquids.

Applications: Fruit preparations and juice binders, Cake fillings, Delicatessen products, Baked goods, Vegetarian burgers, etc.

Benefits: Superior wettability, lump-free mixing, High water binding capacity, Stable viscosity, Acid-stable, Increase of water absorption and dough hydration, etc.


Wittgel is a pregelatinized cold-water swelling starch (free from insoluble components).

Applications: Flaked fish feed and pet food, Milk replacement feedstuff, Carrier substance for amino acids, minerals and feedstuff additives.

Benefits: Thickening and stabilization of calf milk, Improves and stabilizes flaked feedstuff, Good solubility, etc.